WVU Cotton Face Mask w/MERV-13 Air Filter-Kids Size

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WVU Cotton Maskw/MERV-13 Air Filter.-Kids Size. Not a replacement for N95 masks.

To sterilize mask between each use, preheat an oven to no more and no less than 170 F. Without removing the filtered material, Place the mask on a backing sheet within the hot oven for 30 minutes. Viruses and germs do not survive temperatures above 150 F. 

If you need to wash the mask, Remove the filtered material and hand wash. Washing in a washing machine tends to crumple the nose wire which can cause it to break. The mask can be air dryed or dried in a clothes dryer as long as there are no other clothes in the dryer that would damage the wire. 

Do Not Microwave-since this will not kill viruses, and the mask contains metal

Do not use a dryer to sterilize-most dryers only heat up to 135 F

5" Elastic, Fits Most Kids Age 5-10


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