What makes a men's specialty store special?

Posted by David on 27th May 2016

What makes Hornor & Harrison - and most men's specialty stores- different from buying from chains and department stores?

First, and foremost, it's our people. We have professionals that really care about helping our clients with filling their needs. We want you to be happy with your clothing, receive lots of compliments and feel good in what you have purchased. If it doesn't look good or fit right- we'll tell you- it's definitely the best policy in the long run.

Second, we shop the markets ourselves so we know what our customers have been asking for and know what styles and colors are in fashion yet appropriate for our clientele.

Third, we keep records of what our men's tastes and wants are so when a shirt or great looking sport coat arrives that we feel you would like we get on the phone and let you know.

Our customers are our friends, we want to know about your children, the trips you have taken, what great restaurants you have been to lately. We enjoy what we do!

So next time you are looking for that special outfit, stop in and see what makes Hornor & Harrison a "special" men's store.