Style Tips For Men's Dress Wear

Posted by David Boone on 17th Jul 2015

The top priority in fitting a suit or sport coat is getting the sleeve length and the pant length correctThe width of your lapel and your tie should be in proportionYour shirt sleeve should be exposed … read more

Fabrics for Men's Summer Shirts

22nd May 2015

In not too many years past the choice of summer fabrics for men's shirts were pretty much limited to linen or cotton. Not so now, designers have pushed piece goods companies to innovate and create man … read more

Discovering Italian Men's Clothing and Accessories in Prato, Italy

Posted by David Boone on 20th Apr 2015

Back in October of 2013 the Italian Trade Commission in New York City had an open dialogue on the various aspects and challenges for new Italian companies to enter the USA market. As Pier Paolo Celest … read more

Dressing Advice Borrowed from Peter Millar

31st Mar 2015

The key to mixing colors, patterns, and textures is BALANCE.In hot, humid weather, the unstructured sport coat is a wonderful solution. Crafted without the standard lining and padding, these coats pro … read more

What is the proper break on a pair of slacks?

Posted by David Boone on 6th Oct 2014

In the latest fashion magazines you will see pants an inch or more above a man's ankle but does this mean that's what all men should do? Of course, the answer is no. Does it make it wrong? Again, … read more